extract from THE STANDARD edition 2 2021

As we return to the new normal, it is important to remember the lessons learnt. One of the most important of these is effective hand hygiene. Then of course there is social distancing and adequate ventilation within buildings. A new focus has fallen upon the cleaning operative and accredited training now forms part of most professional induction programmes. Some of the lessons learnt will be hard to forget. Unfortunately, others will fade with time. We are still stridently attempting to turn the spotlight on a nationally recognised scheme for colour-coding in the cleaning and hygiene industry. We have great hopes that the APPG (All-party Parliamentary Group) will not only realise the importance that correct colour-coding brings to the industry, but will also bring this to the Government’s attention. If anything good is to come out of this pandemic for the cleaning industry, it should be that the perception of the cleaning operative changes forever and the importance and self-respect of the operative has been enhanced. So, when a cleaning operative is asked what they do for a living, they no longer have to reply: ‘I am only a cleaner.’ With best wishes Resource: BICSc Chairman, Lorraine Davis, MBICSc

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